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Robyn Hatcher

Robyn HatcherSpecialties: communication, presentation skills, public speaking, women’s self-esteem
Home base: New York City
Web site: www.SpeakEtc.com

Once an extremely shy child, Robyn Hatcher is now passionate about transforming the way individuals communicate and express themselves. As owner of SpeakEtc., a boutique communication and presentation-skills training company, Robyn has helped thousands of business professionals improve their presentations, interviews and interpersonal communication. SpeakEtc. designs and delivers creative, engaging presentations, workshops and coaching sessions to deal with communication issues that impact the way individuals are perceived and their ability to achieve. She has worked with high-level executives and entrepreneurs as well as private-school educators and human-services supervisors.

Robyn is also a professional actress having appeared on television in commercials and dramas; on New York and regional stages and her voice can be heard on several radio commercials. She is a member of the Writers Guild of America East, Screen Actors Guild, Actors Equity and American Federation of Radio and Television Artists and was an appointed member and committee chair of Manhattan’s Community Board Five for six years. One of her proudest achievements is having raised an incredible son who went from the New York City public schools to Yale University and then was drafted into a Major League Baseball organization where he is a minor league pitcher.

Standing Ovation resentations, by Robyn HatcherRobyn has been a writer for two daytime dramas, a contributor to American Express Open Forum, a frequent expert guest on HuffPost Live, and a contributing media expert in PRNEWS 2013 Media Relations Guidebook. Her personal essay is part of the anthology Dancing at the Shame Prom (Seal Press, 2012). She recently participated in an ongoing Good Morning America report “What are the new rules of the workplace in a post #MeToo world?”

Robyn’s first book on presentation skills, Standing Ovation Presentations (Motivational Press, 2013), marries all of her varied experiences. In it, Robyn has created a unique communication style typing system called ActorTypes, which identifies an individual’s core strengths as they relate to nine different character types found in movies and TV. Standing Ovation Presentations then provides detailed tips and skills on how to polish those strengths and minimize the weaknesses. It teaches the reader step-by-step techniques to create and deliver stellar presentations. Robyn believes that many common communication issues stem from our inability to recognize, identify and own our tremendous value. Her presentations, workshops and trainings are dynamic, engaging and inspirational.

Suggested Topics

  • Express to Impress: Improving communication skills to express your true value
  • Stop Presenting, Start Engaging: Grab and keep audience attention; create well-organized content
  • Rules of Engagement: Tips and techniques for becoming a more engaging and effective trainer
  • Get Them at “Hello”: Build effective rapport and winning sales pitches
  • From Shy to Shy-ning: Speaking with power and passion
  • Take the Work Out of Networking
  • Communicating Across Differences
  • Communication Skills for Writers
  • Speak like a Superstar!

Video Samples

What new rules would you establish in the workplace

What new rules would you establish in the workplace in a post #MeToo world? Comment below. Deborah Roberts reports on navigating the new reality in the workplace: https://bit.ly/2FiKc4g

Posted by Good Morning America on Wednesday, April 25, 2018


What People Say About Robyn Hatcher

“When Robyn walked up and turned to face us, she exuded presence and power without sacrificing warmth and authenticity, and spoke to the group of 50 women as if she knew us all personally. Unlike many public speaking professionals, she was free of any affectations or mannerisms that felt forced and artificial.”
—Linda Lowen, About.com

“Today’s was a fantastic lunch and learn and Robyn is a brilliant presenter. The subject is an incredibly important one, nonverbal communication being a set of signals we all intuit in every encounter, yet this is the first time I’ve heard it discussed in such depth in the workplace. Just fascinating stuff (and timely, too).”
—Andrew Conn, RLM Strategic Communications

“Robyn is a dynamo when it comes to public speaking and presentation skills.  She is a must for any sales organization or company whose associates need to interact with clients such as customer service, retail sales, HR personnel.”
—Jessica Roazzi-Magoch, regional vice president of sales, Atlantis Health Plan

“I recently attended one of Robyn’s public speaking seminars and was impressed with her ability to deliver instant results. She is able to quickly analyze your needs and make recommendations that will immediately improve your delivery and impact to the public. Robyn is the real deal!”
—Esther Mills, president at Accounting Policy Plus

“This is my third time hearing Robyn’s presentation and I always take away something.”
—Karen Lawrence-Webster, AXA-Equitable