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Brian Kateman

Kerry HannonSpecialties: plant-based nutrition, animal welfare, environmentalism, food tech, behavioral change, marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship
Home base: New York, NY
Web site: www.reducetarian.org
Press coverage: www.reducetarian.org/press
Facebook: www.facebook.com/reducetarian
Twitter: twitter.com/reducetarian
Instagram: www.instagram.com/reducetarian

Brian Kateman is cofounder and president of the Reducetarian Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing meat consumption in order to create a healthy, sustainable and compassionate world. Brian is the editor of The Reducetarian Solution: How the Surprisingly Simple Act of Reducing the Amount of Meat in Your Diet Can Transform Your Health and the Planet (TarcherPerigee, 2017).The Reducetarian Solution A TEDx speaker and leading expert on food systems and behavioral change, he has appeared in dozens of media outlets, including The Washington Post, Vox, The Huffington Post, National Geographic, The Atlantic, Forbes, Fast Company, Salon, The Los Angeles Times, Fox News, NPR and The Daily Mail. He is an instructor in the Executive Education Program at the Earth Institute Center for Environmental Sustainability at Columbia University.

Suggested Topics

  • The Reducetarian Solution
    In this talk, Kateman shares how the simple act of cutting 10 percent of the meat from one’s diet can benefit individual health, protect the planet, and improve animal welfare. Through his experience in coining the term “reducetarian,” Kateman tells the story of what led him to pioneer this movement.

  • Hacking the Meat System
    If the meat system is broken, how can we fix it? Proposed solutions are plentiful, but few seem to agree on one. Some argue for investing in more humane and eco-friendly practices or in the future of food technology, like plant-based or cultured animal products; others advocate for leaving meat off our plates entirely. But if we are to develop and deliver effective solutions, the engagement of stakeholders representing all motivations and areas of expertise is critical. At its core, this talk explores how we can unite diverse perspectives in human health, environmental sustainability and animal welfare with emerging scientific tools to create a more equitable, compassionate and sustainable food system.

  • Leveraging Marketing and Public Relations to Create a More Sustainable and Healthy Planet
    How can marketing and communications help secure a more sustainable planet? Large scale outreach is going to play a critical role in the months and years ahead. This highly hands-on talk takes marketing and publication relations to new levels by providing practical lessons in how best to navigate communications in strategic ways. Learn about the development of social media, where it is headed in the future, new ideas and trends, and how to bring attention and traffic to enhance your work (and that of others) in protecting our planet. Discover principles of persuasion and influence and tips on what to avoid in this fast-changing Web 2.0 world. Become conversant in social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), paid online advertising tools (Google Adwords), website design (Squarespace), email management, (MailChimp) and public relations; learn how each can be used for environmental change and sustainability. Case studies (including the reducetarian movement) illustrate how to put environmental issues in the mainstream and how to attract large and diverse audiences when digital media and public relations are used effectively. Learn persuasion tactics such as the principles of commitment, social proof and consistency to maximize your results.

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