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Gregg McBride

Gregg McBrideSpecialties: Motivation, setting/reaching goals, weight loss, overcoming food addiction, humor, entertainment
Home base: Los Angeles
Web site: bridesmadefilms.com

Along with Weightless (Fall 2014, Central Recovery Press), which chronicles Gregg’s life from 8 pounds and 6 ounces to over 450 pounds and then back down to a healthy 175 pounds, Gregg is also the author of the best-selling diet book, Just Stop Eating So Much!, which provides real-life ideas for winning the battle of the bulge without surgery, pills or fads. Gregg writes on the same motivational topics for his popular blog and is also featured regularly on The Huffington Post.

Because of Gregg’s Hollywood background as a successful writer and producer, he’s able to use his life journey to thrill, Weightless, by Gregg McBrideentertain and motivate audiences of all kinds. Make no mistake—Gregg’s journey has been a challenging one. But it’s through his insights, life lessons and unique sense of humor that he’s been able to take every experience (even parental and sexual abuse) and turn them all into gifts that he has utilized to reach every goal. And Gregg can deliver this same prescription for a dynamic way of living to audiences looking not only for useful information but also for entertainment value.

Along with appearing on NBC’s The Today Show and being featured in television personality Joy Bauer’s Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration, Gregg was also a featured contributor to Ask the Pros: Screenwriting—101 Questions Answered by Industry Professionals.

Suggested Topics

  • Weight Loss Motivation/Success
  • Real-Life Strategies for Achieving Any Goal
  • Overcoming Food Addiction and/or Abuse
  • Changing Habits
  • Breaking into Screenwriting for Hollywood

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What People Say About Gregg McBride

“Gregg is able to detail the family and social diversities he faced as well as many of the actual binges that he partook in to keep himself from being all that he had the potential to be. And oh, what potential that is. That same potential is available for all of us—no matter how many times we’ve tried to succeed in the past. This time can be different. It was for Gregg. It can be for you. Personally, I can’t help but be motivated every time I re-familiarize myself with Gregg’s story.”
—Joy Bauer, MS, RD, CDN, Nutrition and Health Expert for NBC’s The Today Show, New York Times best-selling author of “Joy Bauer’s Food Cures and Your Inner Skinny” and Contributing Editor/Monthly Columnist to Woman’s Day

“What [Gregg] did is so incredible because it’s really hard to do. And [his] journey has been so honest and the way [he] puts [himself] out there is so honest. It’s beautiful.”
Jenny Hutt, Just Jenny, Sirius XM Stars; HLN’s Dr. Drew on Call; CBS/Yahoo’s OMG! Insider