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Liz Neporent—Health, Fitness and Wellness Specialist

Liz NeporentSpecialties: Weight loss, obesity, fitness, weight training, running, walking, general health
Home base: New York City
Web site: liznep.com

Liz Neporent has spent her entire career helping people realize their fitness dreams and improving their health. She passionately believes in the power of healthy living as a means to a better life. Liz is author or co-author of more than 18 health books including Fitness For Dummies, now in its fourth edition and Weight Training for Dummies, currently in its third edition. She has co-written five books including the bestsellers The Winner’s Brain and The Migraine Solution for Harvard Health Publications. Neporent brings a strong science background, authority and a sense of fun to all of her work, as noted with her wildly popular AOL posts about topics such as Naked Yoga, Barefoot Running and Weigh- Loss Ice Pants and her ABC News Reporter’s Notebook series that covers everything from the obesity of fruit flies to problems with today’s healthcare system. She holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology from New York University and is certified by the American Council on Exercise, where she served on the board of directors for six years and now serves on the emeritus board and as a national spokesperson. Winner's BrainShe is the fitness and media advisor for The Women’s Health Initiative, a charitable organization dedicated to educating people about medical, health and fitness issues and on the board of advisors and the media relations consultant to the National Weight Gain Registry, a USDA/Pennington Biomedical Research initiative.

Suggested Topics

  • Weight loss/obesity
  • Running/walking
  • General fitness/health
  • Women’s health
  • How to write for health and science writing
  • Using social media to promote yourself and your work

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