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Marie Pasinki, M.D.—Neurologist and Brain-Health Expert

Marie PasinkiSpecialties: Brain health, Alzheimer's disease, dementia prevention, women's health, and the protective effects of nutrition, fitness, mental stimulation and socialization on the brain.
Home base: Boston
Web site: www.mariepasinski.com

Marie Pasinski, M.D, graduated from Harvard Medical School where she continues to serve on the faculty. Dr. Pasinski is a board certified member of the American Academy of Neurology and a staff neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. A renowned brain health expert, Dr. Pasinski has been featured as an expert commentator for The Today Show, Ladies Home Journal, Women's World Magazine and numerous other media outlets. As an author,
Huffington Post blogger and frequent guest speaker at conferences and symposia, Dr Pasinski is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the importance of adopting a brain healthy lifestyle and the realization that our brain is the true source of our vitality and happiness. Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You bookHer book, Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You: 7 Step Guide to a Better, Smarter, Younger You (Voice, 2010), is for any woman who suffers from “Bad Brain Days.” Of course, Dr. Pasinski practices what she teaches: At age 40, she started taking piano lessons for the first time and more recently she began competing in triathlons.

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What People Say About Dr. Marie Pasinski

“Dr. Pasinski  is a captivating and impressive speaker. Her delivery, style and  presentation mesmerized a sophisticated audience.  What was especially impressive  was her ability to explain and communicate very complicated medical and neurological concepts in a clear, precise, stylish and practical manner which the audience could identify with, embrace and understand.”
—Peter Mazareas, Ph.D., President, Harvard Club of the North Shore

“Dr. Pasinski’s presentation on Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You at the 2010 Celebrating Women conference was riveting. The new information that she shared on brain health and wellness was eagerly received by the 750 women in the audience. We all appreciated Dr. Pasinski’s commitment and passion for ‘spreading the word’ about this vital aspect of health and wellness, and for presenting this material in an easily understandable and enjoyable manner.”
—Kathleen M. Miller, R.N., M.A., Ph.D., Wellness Center Director, MGH- Community Health Associates Contact